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  • Souvenaid Memory Supplement 30 Variety Pack

Variety Flavor

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Souvenaid is the only once-daily drinkable supplement designed to support memory function through a specialized blend of nutrients.*
Flavor: Variety
Pack Size: 30
# of boxes:
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What to expect from Souvenaid

Synapse-strengthening nutrition

Synapses are the connection points in our brains that make it possible to create and keep memories. But as we age, our number of synapses decline – and so can our ability to remember things, new and old.

Connections matter. Souvenaid is the only supplement to support memory function by strengthening synapse connections, through a proprietary combination of nutrients.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Help Along The Way

We don’t just support your synapses – we’re here to support you, too. When you subscribe to Souvenaid, you get so much more than just a nutritional supplement.

You’ll also receive:

  • Updates on the latest research on memory support

  • Helpful tips and tricks for strengthening your memory

  • Delicious Souvenaid recipes

  • And more!

And our team of dedicated experts is always available to answer questions or offer help during your memory support journey.

Daily Convenience

Souvenaid fits easily into your lifestyle as a drinkable supplement, not a pill. Just one four-ounce serving a day is all it takes to help nourish your synapses.*

Ongoing commitment

Much like taking a multivitamin, you won’t feel the nutrients Souvenaid is providing right away. But commitment is key: Just as calcium can help strengthen your bones, the nutrients that make up Fortasyn Connect can help strengthen how synapses function over time.*

What People Are Saying


Oct 22, 2022

4 stars

I have almost finished with my 4 month free trial of Souvenaid.  I wasn't experiencing any "forgetfulness" to speak of.  I was offered a free trial so I thought why not.  My mother had dementia so hopefully I won't experience it!  I have not had any bad experiences with it and do not object to the vanilla flavor.  Hopefully, it has done some good to my synapses! Employee Review**

Doug Barndt

Oct 10, 2022

5 stars

Part of my action plan for mental health

I received free Souevenaid for participating in the Pre-Launch experience program.  Souvenaid was quick, easy, tasty, and convenient to consume. Souvenaid is part of my action plan for mental health.  Employee Review**

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