A drinkable supplement designed to strengthen brain synapses, which support memory function*.

It’s not you - it’s your synapses!

During normal aging, memory decline is linked to changes in the brain and the functioning of synapses (brain connections). Synapses are the connections between brain cells that support memory function.

Souvenaid is a unique drinkable supplement designed to support brain synapses, which in turn support memory function*.

Souvenaid is available in Vanilla, Strawberry and Cappuccino flavors.

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Souvenaid is a nutritional supplement that contains Fortasyn Connect®. Science shows that the nutrients that make up Fortasyn Connect can help strengthen how synapses function*. 

Fortasyn Connect is a well-researched combination and concentration of key nutrients (including Choline, Uridine and EPA/DHA) understood to help support synapses in the brain. Souvenaid was developed 20 years ago under the direction of Dr. Richard Wurtman, an expert in synapse science.

Fortasyn Connect formula
by experts in synapse science
backed by 20 years of science
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