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Twenty years of research. One memory supplement unlike any other.

Knowing the science of memory has helped us create the only supplement purposefully designed to support it through a special blend of nutrients.*

We make memory our business

It’s a fact: Memory starts to slip as we age. If you find yourself forgetting things more and more, it’s completely natural. This might include things like:

  • The names of people you just met

  • Why you walked into a room

  • Where you parked your car

  • Upcoming Appointments

Other products claim to support memory function, but they weren’t designed based on the science of synapse creation.  

As memory nutrition experts, we understand how aging affects the brain and the role nutrition plays in synapse connections. And we’re bringing a new approach to supporting memory function: Souvenaid. 

Based on 60+ years of synapse research, we designed Souvenaid to be a scientific approach to a scientific problem.  

Ready to get started?

Strengthening your synapses takes time – so get started now with Souvenaid. Just choose a plan and a flavor to get started.

Souvenaid Vanilla 30 Pack with individual single Tetra.

Monthly Subscription

free shipping

Flavor: Vanilla

Endlessly committed to nourishing bodies and minds

We know the power of nutrition

As world leaders in health through nutrition, Nutricia is continuing to discover new ways nutrition can positively impact our lives and develop breakthrough formulas for specific needs.

Providing nutritional solutions for any age, and any stage of life.

For 125 years, Nutricia has provided life-transforming nutrition that has touched the lives of millions of people in over 100 countries.

Experts in synapse science

Backed by 60 years of scientific research, we understand how aging affects memory function and the role nutrition plays in supporting synapse connections.

Nutricia is supporting people nutritionally in the areas metabolic issues, allergy, tube feeding, epilepsy, growth failure, frailty, and more. 

Commit to memory

Souvenaid is the choice you can make now – for your synapses, for your future.