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Specifically formulated to support memory function in your patients

Souvenaid 20 years of research

Twenty years of research. One memory supplement unlike any other.

Souvenaid is the only once-a-day drinkable supplement designed to strengthen brain connections to support memory function*. Trusted by physicians and patients across the globe, Souvenaid is formulated with Fortasyn ConnectTM, a proprietary blend of nutrients at the levels needed for synapse formation. No other supplement provides this combination and concentration to support memory function* long-term.

An innovative solution to help
 support synapse function

Only Souvenaid provides these essential precursors along with the co-factors that amplify their effects, making Souvenaid the most complete synapse-strengthening nutritional supplement.

With age, synapse loss accelerates, correlating with a decline in memory function. Breakthrough studies initiated by a research team led by Dr. Richard Wurtman found that the formation of new synapses – a process called synaptogenesis – depends on the synthesis of phospholipids from three essential precursors.

An essential nutrient. It’s a fatty compound found in foods like eggs, fish, and some vegetables, like broccoli or cauliflower.

Otherwise known as docosahexaenoic acid. It’s an omega-3 fatty acid that is found along with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in oily fish like salmon and tuna.

A nutrient that is part of ribonucleic acid (RNA). Your body produces uridine, but often not at levels needed for synapse support as you age.. And while all food contains RNA, the form of uridine found in food is typically not bioavailable.

Souvenaid with Fortasyn Connect contains all the key precursors and co-factors needed for synapse support.

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“If you increase the levels of these three compounds, you accelerate the production of membranes in the brain. And where are membranes used in the brain? Well, they’re used to make synapses.”

Dr. Richard Wurtman 
Emeritus Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
 Harvard Medical School

Dr. Wurtman (1936-2022) was an influential leader in the field of age-related memory decline and nutritional support. See him explain the synapse formation process below in more detail in this exclusive webinar.

Why supplementation for your patients over 50 may be necessary

While memory decline is part of normal aging, many of your patients over 50 aren't getting adequate amounts of all the nutrients needed to support synapse function* from diet alone – which may make supplementation necessary.

% of Americans ≥50 meeting adequate intakes*

*NHANES analysis: Adults age 50+ years (n=2292). Recommended intake for choline is based on Adequate Intake (AI). Intake of omega-3 fatty acids based on combined EPA+DHA intake. Recommended intake for †Omega-3 fatty acids is estimated from AI recommendations for alpha-linolenic acid. There is no set DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) for DHA/EPA.

The key to addressing nutritional shortcomings

Souvenaid is the only memory supplement that contains uridine, choline, and DHA/EPA, which are needed for helping people meet key nutritional needs for synapse support.*

Recommend the supplement to your patients with more synapse-strengthening nutrients than any top-selling memory supplement.

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Much like taking a multivitamin, your patients won’t feel the nutrients Souvenaid is providing right away. Synapses need ongoing nutrition and strengthening them is a process that takes time. To help support memory function long-term, it is recommended your patients take Souvenaid once daily as part of their long-term nutritional routine. If your patients are concerned about memory loss, talk to them about the synapse supporting power of Souvenaid – and the convenience of easy delivery. Available for purchase on and Amazon.

Committed to memory: Nutricia is changing how the world thinks about memory support

For 125 years, Nutricia has provided life-transforming nutritional solutions for every stage of life. We are leaders in the science of how aging affects memory function and the role nutrition plays in supporting synapse connections.

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